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"This courageous pioneering work has brought together a substantial volume of information in this book and presented it in a logical, sequential way. The book's organization enables you to effectively study and apply point by point these principles, leading to increased health, strength, and size of your most prized organ--the penis."
-- Richard R. Howard, II, Dr. P.H.

"You can tell the editors of took the time to cultivate one for the bookshelf. If you're serious about penis enlargement you NEED this book!"
-- David Owen, a reader from Miami

"What I like best about the book is........the whole damn book! It is easy to read, easy  on the eyes and the tutorial pictures are clear. Instructions are precise and not quirky."
-- A reader from New York

"This book is a first of its kind... The information contained within the covers of Exercising the Penis will not only become a penis health guide for the medical-health industry as well as the layperson, it will become a tool for education for academics like me."
-- Deby L. Cassill, Ph.D, Professor at the University of South Florida

"A BIG congrats from me. I just got my copy yesterday, and after only skimming through I see a VERY well written book on the subject. Finally, another step forward toward bringing penis exercising to the masses in a positive manner. Major kudos. Thanks for the mention in the acknowledgments as well!"
-- Ben, A reader from Alabama

"I just read Penis Exercises.My suggestion would be: Get the book. Make it your bible. Follow religiously. Measure today. Measure in 365 days. Don't even consider surgery. Even a moderately large unit is better than failed surgery."
-- A surgeon from Munich, Germany

"This book rocks!!! It is heads above any penis enlargement book I have ever seen. Take the best information here and all other "penis enlargement" sites, add great illustrations, photos, graphs and charts. Organize it into logical chapters and sections, make it super easy to read and understand for beginners and advanced guys alike... and presto! you have this book!
-- Alex Lam, a reader from Omaha

Whether you are a beginner that has just found out about natural penis enlargement or an experienced penis enlargement veteran like myself, you are sure to enjoy and learn something from Penis Exercises . . . get Penis Exercises. I highly recommend it!"
-- A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro

If you are interested in this subject, Penis Exercises will guide you, save you much the time, expense and frustration that you might otherwise expend researching the various methods. . . I found myself at an impasse as to how to advance and luckily, I happened upon the editors of's book, which brought clarity to the subject. Now I am back on path!
-- Thomas Seay, a reader from Palo Alto

"In writing this book, there's no doubt that the editors of has acquired a substantial volume of information on the subject of jelqing which he has presented in a logical, sequential way. The book is also illustrated with a large number of photographs and diagrams which will help new users quickly get the hang of the exercises."
-- George Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief of AltPenis

"Very insightful, clear and concise; It could of been called "The Idiot's guide to a bigger healthier penis" cause that is essentially what this book is. It took me every bit of 2 days to read front to back, I tabbed pages of special importance as well as exercises that are currently in my routine. GREAT READ and GREAT BUY."
-- A reader from Austin, TX

"To all who have not gotten this book I highly recommend it! I have now finished reading up to Chapter The End of the First 5 Weeks, and I can’t wait to read the rest after I actually finish my first five weeks. The main points I like most about the book are: it is very easy to read, very detailed in exercises and routines, and it pretty much has everything that you need in an arms-length to get started."
-- A reader from Seattle

"With my larger penis she now has a harder and stronger climax than she ever had before . . . and my erections stay harder and last longer than ever. I also have a more explosive ejaculation than I ever had."
-- Chuck, 65 years old, a reader from NY

"The myth-busting facts are in: Penis Exercises will make your penis, Bigger, Harder & Healthier, and the editors of spell it all out with maturity and a dash of appropriate humor . . . Whether you are an experienced penis exerciser or just beginning to consider a beginning routine, I believe this book is an absolute must!"
-- Jason Anderson, a reader from Chicago

In the Chartham Study, 30 men enrolled in a male enhancement exercise program with similar exercises found in the Penis Exercises program. The study lasted three months and was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards from England. The study was sent for publication to the British Medical Journal as well as the British Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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