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MYTH: Penis enlargement is impossible.

FACT: Through exercise, penis enlargement is possible.

I will never forget the first lecture I gave on penis enlargement. The audience, a college level sexual education class, refused to believe that the penis can enlarge through exercises. I couldnt blame the class, though. Common knowledge is that men are stuck with the penis theyre born with, even though this knowledge is wrong.

Fortunately, the myth that penis enlargement is impossible is gradually fading away. More than enough anecdotal evidence has surfaced in the past 10 years to show that, contrary to popular belief, exercising the penis does make it bigger and harder. Penis exercising, as I refer to it, is now widespread on the Web. The Internet provides a vast amount of evidence for penis enlargement. At least 1.3 million men have tried exercising their penis.1 Many of these men reside in online communities to discuss their experiences and results.

One twenty-year-old reported:

When I first started exercising my penis, I was doubtful at best. Since then, my mindset has completely changed. Ive been using these exercises for two weeks and Ive already gained a quarter inch of length and a quarter inch of girth (in circumference). My flaccid size has also increased by 20 percent!

A thirty-two-year-old recounted:

I have gained over 1.5 inches of length and 0.5 inches of girth in a year. My wife and I both think this is remarkable and still have a hard time believing how much my penis has changed. Even better, Im much more confident. Its crazy how this one activity—exercising my penis—seems to affect just about everything in my life. Why couldnt I have found out about this stuff 15 years ago?

And one forty-five-year-old man said:

I started exercising my penis because it pained me to think my penis would be small all my life. I put a lot of time into penis exercises, but it was well worth it. After a year and a half, I gained a total of 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth. Believe it or not, penis enlargement really is possible!

In 2005, I conducted a survey about penis exercises—the first of its kind—in which nearly 1000 men participated. The results showed that the men who exercised their penis for three months or more had gained an average of 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth. Transferring these measurements into volume shows that the men on average increased their penis size by nearly 50 percent.

In Penis Enlargement Methods, author Gary Griffin cites a study with similar success. The study was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards in 1975 and was sent for publication to the British Medical Journal and the British Journal of Sexual Medicine. In the study, thirty men enrolled in a penis enlargement program with exercises similar to the ones found in this book. The program lasted three months. By the studys end, twenty-eight men demonstrated permanent and verifiable enlargement. The average length increase was 1.125 inches and the average girth increase was 1 inch.

The largest size growth reported to date is by a man who started with 4.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth. In two years, he increased his penis size to 8 inches in length and 5.625 inches in girth. In terms of volume, his penis is nearly five times bigger. Although his results are well ahead of the standard, hes not alone. Countless men have added multiple inches to their penis using the exercises found in this book.


MYTH: The penis is not a muscle.

FACT: The penis is approximately 50 percent smooth muscle.

“There arent any penis-building exercises for men because the penis isnt a muscle, argues author Rachel Swift in Satisfaction Guaranteed. Although this is accepted as conventional wisdom by most, its actually a myth. The penis is roughly half muscle.

This myth has survived for so long because the muscle within the penis isnt your traditional muscle, like your biceps. There are three kinds of muscle: skeletal muscle, which are the muscles you exercise when you go to the gym; cardiac muscle, which is your heart; and smooth muscle, which is found in organs and blood vessels. The penis largely consists of smooth muscle.

All three muscles have their differences, but their structures are essentially alike. Each is made up of proteins, which are vital to all muscle function. Also, both skeletal muscle and smooth muscle grow when placed under stress, such as exercise.1 One study even showed that injecting skeletal muscle cells into the penis smooth muscle improved hardness and erection strength, showing just how much the two muscles are alike.2

The truth is, smooth muscle is as important to your penis as cardiac muscle is to your heart. The proper functioning of the smooth muscle is necessary for the normal erection process, says Dr. Michael DiSanto of the University of Pennsylvania. The smooth muscle in the penis, unlike most other smooth muscle, spends the majority of its time contracted and relaxes only when it receives stimulation. When the smooth muscle relaxes, the penis quickly fills up with blood. Simultaneously, the smooth muscle expands and an erection occurs. In a properly working penis, all of this happens within a matter of seconds.

Every mans penis has a different amount of smooth muscle. Some penises have more than 50 percent smooth muscle; others have less than 30 percent. This difference is a major reason why some men cant get an erection and other men can have an erection for hours on end. The amount of smooth muscle in the penis is the essential factor that determines a mans ability to achieve normal erections, says urologist Dr. Eric Wespes.

Not surprisingly, the amount of smooth muscle in a mans penis appears to decrease as he ages. In one study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research, Dr. Wespes measured the percent of smooth muscle in men of different ages. In his study, the men under forty had an average of 46 percent smooth muscle in their penis; men between forty-one and sixty had 40 percent; and men older than sixty had 35 percent.3 As men get older, their erections gradually get weaker, and their penis often shrinks in size—largely because of a decrease in penis smooth muscle. Because men have dramatically improved their hardness with the exercises found in this book, it makes sense that penis exercises increases the amount of smooth muscle in the penis—although studies have yet to confirm this. Either way, the penis is indeed part muscle; and like its muscular counterparts, the penis enlarges and hardens when exercised.

MYTH: Erection drugs cure erectile dysfunction.

FACT: Erection drugs are a quick one-night fix, leaving the cause of the problem still there the next day.

Erectile dysfunction—the inability to maintain an erection—is the ultimate sexual stop-sign. Its estimated that roughly 200 million men experience erectile dysfunction, and this figure is expected to be at 322 million by 2025.4

Mistakenly, many men who have erectile dysfunction blame it on aging. Thats because as a man becomes older, he is educated into believing he needs a little blue pill to maintain a healthy erection. But erection drugs are often unnecessary, and sometimes unleash a whole new set of problems. Pills are not the answer. Pills are a band-aid.

Instead of a drug, most men just need to keep their penis in good physical condition. Studies show that certain penis exercises can boost hardness just as much as erection drugs. And in my survey of nearly 1000 penis exercisers, the majority of the men experienced stronger and harder erections. Heres what one sixty-two-year-old man said:

I started experiencing erectile dysfunction at age fifty-five. Over a period of two years, it got worse and worse. Thankfully, I did some research and learned about penis exercises . . . Now my erections are nearly as hard as they were when I was a teenager!

The best part? A harder penis often turns into a bigger penis. Thats because the more blood that flows to your penis, the more youre going to get out of your erections. In fact, many men report that their first gains are quick and abundant, simply because of better blood flow and a harder penis.

Although there is not an official scientific explanation of how penis exercises boosts erection strength, it no doubt has something to do with increasing the smooth muscle in the penis. Also, a few exercises build stronger pelvic floor muscles, which are the muscles that pump blood into the penis and cause an erection.

MYTH: Penis enlargement is a quick, easy fix.

FACT: Penis enlargement takes time.

Whereas some rumors declare that penis enlargement is impossible, other rumors make penis enlargement out to be a quick overnight fix. This quick fix rumor is brought about through all the email spam and penis enlargement advertisements. In many ways, these scam sites are the very reason that penis enlargement is believed to be fake.

“Add two inches to your penis in just two weeks!

Although gaining two inches is clearly possible, gaining it in two weeks is a different story. In fact, its close to impossible. Two inches in a year or two is more likely. Exercises dont work overnight. No matter what organ or muscle you exercise—whether its your penis, your abs, or even your brain—the process of self-improvement always takes time and determination. The good news is that if you give it both of these, you will see results.

How long will it take you to acquire the penis size you want? Heres what the men who took my survey reported:

  • It took the majority of the men who gained an inch or less—in length, girth (circumference), or a combination of the two—four months or less to gain it.
  • It took the majority of the men who gained between 1.1 and 2 inches—in length, girth, or a combination of the two—anywhere from three to twelve months to gain it.
  • It took the majority of the men who gained more than 2 inches—in length, girth, or a combination of the two—more than a year to gain it.

To find more details of how long it took the men to gain, see the Average Gains-Time Assessment in Appendix D: Penis Exercising Resources.

The bottom line: One to two inches is fairly common, and generally takes several months to a year to reach, often more. Three inches is not nearly as common, but several men have obtained this and more; it generally takes at least a year. Four to six inches is not common, but has been reported by a handful of men. Either way, every man is different. Some men gain multiple inches in a few months; other men only gain millimeters in a few years. Multiple factors determine how quickly you see results, including:

Your goal:

If you just want to be harder, you might accomplish this in just a few weeks. If you want to increase your penis size by 100 percent or more (in terms of volume), you are going to need a long-term commitment.

How often you exercise:

Sticking to a consistent workout plan is necessary, but penis exercises too much is detrimental and can even stop you from gaining.

How you exercise:

Exercising improperly is the biggest downfall for many men, and some men never gain because of it. Youll learn how to exercise properly and make the most of your gains in Part 2.

Other factors will affect how quickly you see results:

This includes genetics, what kind of exercises you use, what kind of routine you follow, and your dedication.

MYTH: Similar to gym exercising, the gains disappear once you stop performing penis exercises.

FACT: The permanency of penis exercises is different from gym exercising. Penis enlargement is often permanent.

The worst part about going to the gym is that you can spend three years building a perfect chest, and then lose it all by taking a year off. Fortunately, penis exercises are different. Once you stop performing penis exercises, the gains often dont go away. In fact, some men quit performing penis exercises more than ten years ago and havent lost a millimeter.

How is the penis growth permanent? It most likely has something to do with the fact that an erection is actually a light form of penis exercise. The penis, along with the smooth muscle within it, is exercised every time you get an erection. Every time you have sex, masturbate, or have a nocturnal erection (a random erection that takes place during your sleep), youre exercising. These everyday erections arent vigorous enough to enlarge your penis; but they help maintain your new size once youve gained.

Not all gains are permanent, though. Some men lose part of their gains as time goes on. Other men lose all of their gains. This might be because they didnt achieve a sufficient amount of erections. To make your gains more likely to be permanent, you will need to follow a cementing routine—which involves weaning yourself off a penis exercise routine, rather than just quitting abruptly.

MYTH: Penis exercises are dangerous.

FACT: Similar to most exercises, penis exercises are healthy.

Some people think penis exercises are dangerous. Its easy to see why. Several men obtain poor advice on how to properly exercise their penis, and as a result they over-train their penis. You can avoid over-training by following a few simple guidelines, which youll learn in Part 2 of this book. But not all men know—or follow—the guidelines of penis exercises.

A poor, yet common belief for some penis exercisers is: If I exercise ten minutes a day and see good results, then exercising sixty minutes a day will provide even quicker results. Penis exercising doesnt work this way, and the extreme stress often results in temporary erectile dysfunction. Fortunately, the penis is a durable organ and the erectile dysfunction almost always clears up in a few days. Nevertheless, when a man goes to a doctor and declares that he hasnt been able to obtain an erection in the last two days, the doctor automatically (and rightfully) blames the penis exercises. And most men wont go to their doctor with the good news.

Exercise, so long as its safe and not overboard, helps ensure longevity and health. Its no mystery that skeletal muscle and heart muscle need to be continually exercised to stay in good condition. Why would the penis—which is also part muscle—be any different?

Consider this: Your hearts job is to pump blood throughout your body. Anything that makes your hearts job easier and more effective—such as regular exercise—is healthy. Similarly, your penis job is to be hard enough to have sex for pleasure, connection, and procreation. Anything that makes your penis job easier and more effective is also healthy. With that in mind, penis exercises—when done properly—are just as healthy for your penis as running is for your heart.

While writing this book, I talked to hundreds of penis exercisers and read reports of thousands. The large majority of these men reported benefits beyond just a bigger penis. They reported increased hardness, better sex, stronger orgasms, and multiple other benefits that come with having a fit and healthy penis. The list below is just some of the many benefits that penis exercises have delivered to other men:

  • A bigger flaccid and erect penis
  • Harder and longer-lasting erections
  • Stronger orgasms
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Prolonged sex
  • Greater intensity in ejaculation
  • Larger ejaculation volume
  • Further shooting distance when ejaculating
  • A healthier prostate, which possibly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and other prostate-related diseases
  • Greater confidence
  • Greater sex drive
  • Reduced or eliminated penis curve
  • Increased pleasure for both the penis exerciser and his partner
  • An overall better sexual experience
  • An overall healthier penis and penile vascular system

You will experience many of these benefits as well. If you follow the guidelines properly, give it time, and use good judgment, youll be on the safest track to not only a bigger penis, but a healthier one too.

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