Praise for Penis Exercises

“Whether you are a beginner that has just found out about natural penis enlargement or an experienced veteran like myself, you are sure to enjoy and learn something from Penis Exercises . . . My advice: Get the book. I highly recommend it!”
-A.J. “Big Al” Alfaro, penile coach and author of For Men Only

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Chris, a 47-year-old reader

“I just read Penis Exercises. My suggestion would be: Get the book. Make it your bible. Follow religiously. Measure today. Measure in 365 days. Don’t even consider penis enlargement surgery. A moderately large unit is better than failed surgery.”
A surgeon from Germany

“These exercises changed my life. I don’t feel insecure while having sex anymore, and I feel like I have total control of my life. In a little over two months, I gained two centimeters (0.8 inches) in length and also two centimeters in girth. I am amazed. If I can do it, anyone can!?
Martin, a 23-year-old reader

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David Owen, a reader from Florida

“There’s so much more to life and to sex than the size of your penis. . . But, the health of the penis can make or break relationships. This book offers an excellent introduction both to the health and to the enlargement of the penis. It’s also interesting that enlargement of the clitoris (the female version of the penis) is a known side effect of some medicines, but doctors seem to be in the dark about the fact that the penis can be enlarged.”
Charles Runels, M.D., Author of Anytime…for as Long as You Want

“For men who hope to have sexual relations with their partners into their 70s, 80s and longer, or for men who wish they weren‘t already relying on a little blue pill to assure their sexual abilities. This book, Penis Exercises, has the information you need to transform and revitalize your sex life. With clear and useful instructions, this book will literally put the future of your sex life in your own hands. Thousands of men have practiced these exercises to restore and retain – and even improve – their sexual vitality. Now you can, too.”
Carl Anderson, Dr. P.H.

“Having a thorough understanding of the penile exercising basics is a must for anyone looking to walk the proper path towards a healthier, stronger and yes…bigger penis. I got this book about a year into my journey towards a bigger and healthier penis. Although I was far from a beginner, the combination of thorough explanations with their accompanying pictures did a great job at correcting some flaws in my
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J.R.N., a reader from New York

“If you are interested in this subject, this book, Penis Exercises, will guide you, save you much the time, expense and frustration that you might otherwise expend researching the various methods. I found myself at an impasse as to how to advance. Luckily, I happened upon this book, which brought clarity to the subject. Now I am back on path!
Thomas Seay, a reader from Palo Alto

“I gained 1.5 inches in length and nearly an inch in girth in roughly a year—putting me at the statistical average. To me, penis exercising is like working out for your body, only for your penis. I feel good when I lift weights and run, and I feel good when I exercise my penis. It is just one facet on my road of self improvement.”
Gary, a 32-year-old reader from Pennsylvania

“This book is very insightful, clear and concise. It could have been called The Idiot’s Guide to a Bigger and Healthier Penis, because that is essentially what this book is. It took me every bit of two days to read front to back. I tabbed pages of special importance as well as exercises that are currently in my routine. GREAT READ and GREAT BUY.”
A reader from New York

“What I like best about the book is . . . the whole damn book! It is easy-to-read, easy on the eyes and the tutorial pictures are clear. Instructions are precise and not quirky.”
A reader from New York

“Finally, another step towards bringing penis exercising to the masses in a positive manner. Major kudos to the editors of!”
Ben, a reader from Alabama

“To all who have not gotten this book: I highly recommend it! I have now finished reading up to Part 4, and I can‘t wait to read the rest after I actually finish my first five weeks. The main points I like most about the book are: it is very simple-to-read, very detailed in exercises and routines, and it pretty much has everything that you need in an arms-length to get started.”
A reader from Washington

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Chuck, a 65-year-old reader from New York

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Alex Lam, a reader from Nebraska

“Due to diabetes, I was only 36 years old when I started experiencing severe erectile dysfunction. Exercising my penis changed all of that. Within months, I was able to consistently obtain healthy, rock-hard erections. I also added over an inch in girth and nearly two inches in length.”
Fredrick Poleking, a reader from California

“The myth-busting facts are in: proper penis exercises will make your penis, ―Bigger, Harder and Healthier”, and the editors of spell it all out with maturity and a dash of appropriate humor . . . Whether you are an experienced penis exerciser or just beginning, I believe this book is an absolute must!”
Jason Anderson, a reader from Illinois